Please see the programme website for information on scholarships.

In addition, some general avenues to pursue are the following:

  1. Speak to a counsellor at the international office of your university and inquire about the possibility of a scholarship or an exchange programme with one of the four partner universities of the AFEPA programme.
  2. Speak to a representative of your government, or maybe a local representative from your electoral district. State your case and the fact that you have been admitted to the programme, but that it is just for lack of funding that you cannot attend it. Explain the potential service of well-educated individuals coming back and working in your country, and thus the government's interest in assisting people to receive an outstanding education and training in an international context.
  3. Contact and visit embassies representing the five countries involved in the AFEPA European Master and explore with them the availability of funding for graduate studies. Remind your embassy's contact that this European Master's degree has been awarded the well-regarded Erasmus Mundus label certified by the European Commission.